Warning: You Are About To Discover What No BODY EVER Tells You About The Real Causes Of Erection Problems

Discover How to Permanently and Naturally End Your Problems with Erectile Dysfunction ... So You Can Increase Your Libido, Boast Your Self Confidence and Satisfy Your Partner Over and Over Again.


From Wunmi Omololu
Sex therapist, author and researcher

Dear Friend,

We both know it’s essential to have a healthy sex drive and regular strong, natural erections.

The first time you realize that you can’t get hard enough to satisfy your woman in bed and you get that terrible sinking feeling in your chest.

You may blame it on work, stress or tiredness but you have a lingering doubt that it’s not really that at all.

She may try to comfort you to make you feel better. But the truth is that underneath she was expecting healthy, satisfying sex…

And yet you didn’t perform. You couldn’t perform.

You feel embarrassed and make excuses…and afterwards you get that sickly feeling that you failed and you aren’t manly enough to satisfy her.

And if it’s your wife or long term girlfriend then it can be much worse.

It can destroy the happiness you have together, the confidence you have in your life and the very fabric of your relationship.

You start to worry if she is thinking of other men who can stay hard and make love to her in bed for hours on end.

You panic that she’s unhappy and may leave you.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late

I hope your relationship hasn’t suffered as a result of erection problems. I hope you can rescue it before it’s too late.

And I’m here to help you do that.

The Libido Booster for him is here to help you get your erections back in shape permanently. And I’ll show you how it works in just a minute.

But Let Me Reveal These Important Facts To You First
At any time, at least 1 man in 10 is reporting full erectile dysfunction problems, and 3 in 10 have occasional erection problems
The probability of ED higher than it was 10 years ago and ED is becoming more common in the world
According to official studies testosterone levels in men have decreased by over 20% since 1987
In nearly every single case of impotence there are several different causes

  • Even though you may feel like resorting to desperate measures, I advise you to take note of this before doing anything else.

    It’s not your fault that stress, tiredness, hormones or lifestyle have caused your erection problems.

    You aren’t sick.

    Your problems can be fixed and your libido restored to naturally high levels.

    You will be able to get rock hard erections and last the distance again…we’ll get to how you’ll do that in just a minute.

    Libido Booster For Him

    And the amazing methods that I’ll teach you when combined are so effective that I can guarantee they are like nothing you’ve experienced before.

    Some days you’ll feel like you’re 25 years old again: full of powerful sexual desire and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

    What’s more, you’ll fix your erection problems naturally and permanently. No drugs, no expensive treatments or injections. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

    And you won’t find this information just anywhere…

    We’ll get to how we cure your libido problems naturally in a minute.

    First I want you to know about the shocking causes of erection problems that I uncovered during my meticulous research. The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction Are Not What You Think

    Contrary to what you may have hear, the real main 5 causes of erectile issues are the following:

    Hormonal Imbalance That Ruins Your Body

    The shocking statistics show a near 20% drop in average levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in black men towards the end of last century. Evidence of estrogen levels (a female hormone) increasing in men is abundant and when combined with the disruption of mood-regulating hormones dopamine and serotonin you have a recipe for erectile disaster.

    Fortunately, you can turn this around when armed with the right knowledge.

    Medication That Dries Up Libido

    Many men are now taking multiple medical treatments for life to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and to help heart conditions. Some men take antidepressants. The sad fact is that many of these drugs can destroy desire and leave your libido dried up and dead.

    It can be a huge relief to discover that it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Toxins That Slow The Body Down

    Your body is polluted. Like it or not, at any time, there are thousands of toxins in your body. These come from food, water, household products and even the air outside. When these poisons build up inside you they cause you to become sluggish, gain weight and you lose your mojo down the drain.

    Diet & Lifestyle That Blocks Regular Erections

    Years of drinking, smoking, drugs that we took a while ago can eventually take their toll. And you’ll feel the hit one day, believe me. And when you add to the mix junk food, a lack of exercise and weight gain, you’ll find yourself in libido no man’s land.

    And believe me you need real help to get out of there.

    Stress That Destroys The Sex Drive

    Put down your Blackberry. Now, take a deep breath. Stress levels are higher than ever these days. Stress causes negative energy, disrupts sleep, increases levels of libido-destroying hormones and can ruin confidence in the bedroom. Does this sound familiar to you?

    And the shocking fact is that most men who can’t keep it up suffer actually from ALL of the above…

    OK Now I Understand, But How Do I Cure This Problem?

    This is what I’m going to explain to you right now…

    Boosting your libido and erectile power is a 10 step process:

  • Herbal Supplements Guide To Kick-Start Your Hormones And Erections

  • Sex Drive Workouts For Sharp Hormonal Surges Of Desire

  • Super Food To Power Up Erections Fast

  • Penis Booster Techniques To Muscle Up Your Manhood

  • Awesome Instant Booster Tricks For The Big Night

  • Kill Stress And Double Your Sex Drive

  • Eliminate Medication That Destroys Erectile Power

  • Testosterone Lifestyle To Be An Alpha Male Lover

  • Detox To Streamline And Power Up Libido For Regular Sex

  • Mental Visualization Techniques For Frequent Hard Erections

    Most ED “Cures” Are A Waste Of Time
    Most treatments are either chemical, cause you to depend on them forever, or they don’t work. But they all have one thing in common:

    They only solve one part of the problem.

    Get better at sex ,Yet with the Libido Booster it’s completely different:

    It blows away all the causes of your low libido.

    When you put these surprising methods together, you’ll feel yourself rise way above the average man.

    Your performance in the bedroom will rock and your relationship and confidence will flourish as a result of your new sexual prowess.

    “Helping Men Is A Passion For Me”

    As a sexual health advisor who has already helped thousands of men to rid themselves of soul destroying erection problems forever I realized that there was a way for me to reach more and more people.

    I know that ED is everywhere and that the numbers have been increasing in recent years, much faster than most guys are aware.

    So I put together every single tip, technique and trick into one single program designed to cure erectile dysfunction and low libido permanently.
    The Libido Booster for him Manual – Improve Sexual Performance With Naturally Hard Erections

    Cure ED naturallyBoost erection power without depending on dangerous medication
    Feel the return of strong and natural sexual desire
    Last for longer than she can in bed and walk like an Alpha Male

    It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had erection problems, I guarantee you’ll be able to restore your male sexual health to glory.

    And it could take just 1 or 2 days before you start seeing the first results. Many men see improvements right away and reach higher levels 2 or 3 weeks later.

But wouldn’t you like to see first what these other men say about it?


“Powerful As You Say”

Thanks Wunmi! Your tips are amazing. It took a few days to get my head around it but the instant techniques were powerful and useful in the first couple of weeks. After 6 weeks I’m lean and mean and last for 45 minutes easy, which is already too much for her especially with my new added girth which powers me in. Awesome, awesome…

Ken, Warri. 42 Years Old.

I don’t ask for these emails but men sometimes contact me out of the blue. This is quite simply because these techniques really work.

Well here’s a peak at what you’ll be finding out:

Which evil foods are destroying your libido and how to avoid them forever
Simple and inexpensive meals to power your manhood up in just 1 hour!
Penis exercises to massively boost the blood flow down there for naturally stiff erections
 Secrets and tricks of adult actors used to stay hard for hours on end
 Why some herbal pills are useless for anything other than emptying your bank account and how to get herbal supplements that really work for rock hard erections
 How to detox the libido-killing chemicals from your body to streamline and charge up your sex drive
How to work out to get that sharp testosterone surge for solid erections and burn ugly body fat at the same time
How to increase your sperm load naturally and improve the volume for an impressive finish
AND loads more!

Stop And Ask Yourself This…

Naturally improve erections Just imagine in less 30 minutes from now, you can get Libido Booster For Him Manual and you start working on the techniques today.

And the next time you have sex is tonight or tomorrow, and it’s already much better than it’s been for months.

And in 3 weeks time you’re able to get even harder more often and go for over 1 hour non-stop.

In 3 months time you’re a raging bull of an alpha male, fighting not to pin down your girl every time you see her and make love to her hard for over an hour.

What is great about this is that it’s all natural and you won’t be looking for your little pills one hour before jumping into bed. She’ll feel your rigid erection and extra girth inside her immediately. You’ll hear her gasp with pleasure that overcomes her as soon as you penetrate her.

And it’s an amazing sensation when you stay as hard as a brick for a full 60 minutes, pounding her until she reaches mind-blowing orgasm after orgasm…

Believe me she will be devoted to you when you repeatedly give it to her this way.

I trust you to use this sexual power responsibly.

Because you’re about to say goodbye to weak erections, lack of desire and feeling worthless.

You can relax now because low libido is about to become just a distant memory for you. I’m about to reveal to you every single thing you need in the Libido Booster for him.

Here are some more essential techniques you’ll learn:

How to increase your girth and erection power with easy penis exercises
Which herbs send blood rushing to your penis for ultra hard power erections
Food and recipes that instantly rocket up your hormones sending them sky high
Why some products claimed to be helpful by “health experts” are slamming your male virility into the gutter without you knowing
The truth about how often you should ejaculate and what it does to your hormones
Using visualization to last for much much longer and increase your confidence


“I can get hard like I used to ten years ago…”

I just couldn’t get aroused for my wife especially when kids were at home.
So like you said I stopped adult videos I used your penis exercises, libido workout programs and supplements together and now I feel like a race horse and I can get hard like I used to back ten years ago. And the wife is lively in bed and she’s happy too, says thanks to you. I always thought men took Viagra for this kind of thing but I guess I’m wrong and thank God and you for helping me try this.

Bless you
John, Aba. 52 Years Old.

“I tried everything else but this is the only thing that worked”


Just wanted to tell you how glad I am that this sorted me out. I had tension at home and hadn’t had proper sex for over 1 year due to serious low libido. I tried pills that cost a fortune and even though they helped a bit I felt really dumb to need to depend on them and they were basically costing me an arm and a leg.

I’m just ecstatic I went that extra step and followed your advice. I’m also lucky my wife was patient and she’s getting her due for that patience now! Last week we did it 5 times and we haven’t managed that for years.

Anthony, Lagos

  • Ask Yourself This ONE Important Question

    Do you really want to suffer one more day of weak erections and low desire?

    And if you’re a single guy, do you really want to risk the possibility of meeting a new girl, possibly tonight and ruining it all forever when you can’t get hard?

    Because that’s what’s going to happen if you just sit there and do nothing about it.

    Winners take action. It’s as simple as that. And if you want to win her and keep her, you’ll need to pleasure her.

    Sure, there are women that say they’ll be patient with your ED and help you through it.

    But really, you know full well that what she wants is good hard sex 7 nights a week.

    And if you can’t give it to her you can bet yourself someone else will…

    You see women need a man who is great between the sheets. Not just average and certainly not the “oh I’m tired tonight” kind of man.

    No. They all want a man who can give it to them hard and strong every single time. If that man isn’t you, then you can forget about it right now.

    Because if you are unable to step up and give it to her, she will start to think about sex with other men, I guarantee you

    But really, what they’re all trying to do is get you to depend on them for life.

    And who in their right mind wants that.

    I know that’s not what you want and that’s why this approach differs.

    Because by fixing the root causes of your problem you solve it permanently.

    And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this.
    OK, It’s Exactly What I Need But How Much Is It?

    If you have erection problems and low desire, you know by now that this method will help you become very happy.

    Let’s just think about that for a minute.

    Imagine what having a naturally high sex drive and regular hard erections will bring to your life.

    Picture it now..

  • No more shame or embarrassment when you lose your erection.

  • No more making excuses about tiredness or work.

  • Just highly pleasurable and long-lasting sex, every single time.

  • Your confidence comes back with a bang, you walk with a spring in your step and a glint in your eye.

    And best of all, you stay that way.

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Boost male sex drive naturally Libido Supplements Plan Value 2,500.00 Naira

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Kick-starting your libido into action is about combining several inexpensive natural herbs.
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Using herbs in the right way is extremely powerful.

One-on-one ONE HOUR Consultation
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I know by now you are wondering how much this life changing information would cost you. With the quality of information I would be dishing out in this manual and bonuses worth over 30,000 Naira, I feel a price tag of 50,000 Naira would just be sufficient. But because I want to reach as many people as possible with this information I would give out this manual and bonuses for an all time low price of 4,500 Naira Only.This price stands only until I come back to my senses and jack it back up to the regular price of 50k.

100% Guaranteed To Work

Yep, I’m even prepared to refund you fully should you so wish.

You’d be crazy not to take these ideas and run away with them now while you can but you still have the right to a full, “no questions asked” refund if the manual does not meet with your satisfaction with 30 days of purchase.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You get to try this for 30 days. I am so convinced that this program will work for you that I take all the risk.

You can order it and start to use these techniques to get hard erections right now, starting today.

And if ever anything doesn’t work for you, then you can get your money back, ALL of it.

You don’t even have to tell me why. I won’t ask you a single question.

Even if you decide you don’t like it you can get your money back.

That’s how sure I am that this works. And that is why I fully back this up with a no questions asked refund.

So go ahead and order right now because the risk is on me.

Ordering Instruction

Pay 4,500 Naira Only into the following bank account:


Olawunmi Abimbola Omololu

Then send me an email (wunmi@wunmiomololu.com) or text (08135065825) with your payment details. I would send you the manual plus bonuses to your inbox immediately after confirming of payment.


Miss out and you’ll wake up 6 months down the line with the same old erection problems and feeling useless.

You can have it all for yourself, for life, in just seconds from now and put to bed weak erections, excuses about “being tired tonight” and feeling low.

Successful guys are the ones who take steps to find solutions. They don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen.

I want you to be one of those guys.

Go ahead and get it right now. Know you’ll be happy you did.


Wunmi Omololu

Sexual heath advisor, author and researcher



It is common knowledge that men who are unable to perform adequately in the bedroom feel unhappier, less fulfilled, run higher risks of losing their wife or partner and tend to underperform in other aspects of life too.

It is also becoming increasingly evident that men are now facing a serious problem on a global scale: that of the disruption of the endocrine system.


And to compare the price to what else you may get for it, you’ll be paying a single upfront lifetime fee :
As much as you’d pay to have 2 beers in a bar
And when you compare this to the cash guys are shelling out for a lifetime of viagra pills these days, you start to put things into perspective

It seems absurd doesn’t it, that you could possibly ever consider choosing any of the above INSTEAD of a complete program, guaranteed to work and that helps you to maintain a naturally high sex drive for life